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The CINPSI Neurocog is located on the second floor of the Technological Science Park building of the Catholic University of Maule.

Shared Workspace

It has a shared workspace equipped with computers Dell All in One Inspiron 24 3000 Intel Core i5 with 8GB of RAM and 1TB storage unit, with 23.8" full HD touch screen, mouse and wireless keyboard.

In this workspace quantitative or qualitative data analysis are performed, bibliographic search and review, experiments design and data acquisition from subjects or experimental groups.

Control and Test rooms

A Test room with noise isolation to run the experiments where participants can receive the corresponding stimuli without any distraction. 

Also, in this space the EEG recording of their brain activity is performed during electro-physiological studies.

Control room for experimental condition monitoring, equipped with two computers for data acquisition and a stimulus generator computer  that outputs stimuli to the participants on the test room screen.

Washing area

It has a sink and wall-hung electric water heater that allows to have hot water both for cleaning conductive gel from the participants' hair and for washing and maintenance of the electrodes and EEG-recording caps.

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