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Selected Papers
Román-Albasini, L., Díaz-Véliz, G., Olave, F. A., Aguayo, F. I., García-Rojo, G., Corrales, W. A., ... & Fiedler, J. L. (2020). Antidepressant-relevant behavioral and synaptic molecular effects of long-term fasudil treatment in chronically stressed male rats. Neurobiology of Stress, 100234.
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Borgomaneri, S., Battaglia, S., Garofalo, S., Tortora, F., Avenanti, A., & di Pellegrino, G. (2020). State-Dependent TMS over Prefrontal Cortex Disrupts Fear-Memory Reconsolidation and Prevents the Return of Fear. Current Biology. doi:
Lucero, B. A., Saracini, C., Mora, M., & Muñoz-Quezada, M. T. (2020). Aspectos éticos del uso de identificadores biométricos. Acta Bioethica, 26(1), 43-50. doi:
Basso, D., & Saracini, C. (2020). Differential involvement of left and right frontoparietal areas in visuospatial planning: An rTMS study. Neuropsychologia, 136, 107260. doi:
Lucero, B., Ceballos, P. A., Muñoz-Quezada, M. T., Reynaldos, C., Saracini, C., & Baumert, B. O. (2019). Validity and reliability of an assessment tool for the screening of neurotoxic effects in agricultural workers in Chile. BioMed research international, 2019. doi:
Imperatori, L. S., Betta, M., Cecchetti, L., Canales-Johnson, A., Ricciardi, E., Pietrini, P., ... & Bernardi, G. (2019). EEG functional connectivity metrics wPLI and wSMI account for distinct types of brain functional interactions. Scientific Reports, 9(1), 8894. doi:
Fuentealba, C. R., Fiedler, J. L., Peralta, F. A., Avalos, A. M., ... & Aliaga, E. E. (2019). Region-specific reduction of BDNF protein and transcripts in the hippocampus of juvenile rats prenatally treated with sodium valproate. Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience, 12.
Muñoz-Quezada, M. T., Lucero, B., Bradman, A., Baumert, B., Iglesias, V., Muñoz, M. P., & Concha, C. (2019). Reliability and factorial validity of a questionnaire to assess organophosphate pesticide exposure to agricultural workers in Maule, Chile. International journal of environmental health research, 29(1), 45-59.doi:10.1080/09603123.2018.1508647
Olivari, C. (2019). Recognition of mental health disorders in adolescent students in Chile: a descriptive study. Medwave, 19(3), e7617-e7617.doi: 10.5867/medwave.2019.03.7617
Basso, D., Saracini, C., Palladino, P., & Cottini, M. (2019). Travelling salesperson in an immersive Virtual Environment: Experimental evaluation of Tracking system device. In Springer Books Series: Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. “Proceedings of the 1st International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Digital Environments for Education, Arts and Heritage, EARTH 2018, AISC 919, pp. 1–11, 2019. Springer Nature Switzerland AG. doi:10.1007/978-3-030-12240-9_54 
Cottini, M., Basso, D., Saracini, C., & Palladino, P. (2019). Performance predictions and postdictions in prospective memory of school-aged children. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 179, 38-55.
Tovazzi, A., Basso, D., & Saracini, C. (2019) - Learning tools against developmental dyscalculia in primary school: a case study. In INTED2019 Proceedings. 13th annual International Technology, Education and Development Conference, Valencia, 11th, 12th and 13th of March, 2019, pp. 6755-6762.
Colombi, A., Fronza, I., Pahl, C., & Basso, D. (2018, September). COCONATS: Combining Computational Thinking Didactics and Software Engineering in K-12. In Proceedings of the 19th Annual SIG Conference on Information Technology Education (pp. 162-162). International World Wide Web Conferences Steering Committee.
Lucero, B., Saracini, C., Muñoz-Quezada, M. T., Mendez-Bustos, P., & Mora, M. (2018). Laboratory of the Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neurosciences Research Center of Universidad Católica del Maule, Chile. Cognitive processing, 19(3), 465-472.
Grillo Pizarro, Á., Achú Peralta, E., Muñoz-Quezada, M. T., & Lucero Mondaca, B. (2018). Exposición a plaguicidas organofosforados y polineuropatía periférica en trabajadores de la región del Maule, Chile. Revista Española de Salud Pública, 92.
Muñoz-Quezada, M. T., Lucero, B. A., Iglesias, V. P., Muñoz, M. P., Cornejo, C. A., Achu, E., ... & Villalobos, M. (2016). Chronic exposure to organophosphate (OP) pesticides and neuropsychological functioning in farm workers: a review. International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health, 22(1), 68-79.
Muñoz-Quezada, M. T., Lucero, B., Iglesias, V., Muñoz, M. P., Achú, E., Cornejo, C., ... & Brito, A. M. (2016). Plaguicidas organofosforados y efecto neuropsicológico y motor en la Región del Maule, Chile [Organophosphate pesticides and neuropsychological and motor effects in the Maule Region, Chile]. Gaceta Sanitaria, 30(3), 227-231.
Lucero, B. y Muñoz-Quezada M.T. (2015). Estudios En Visión Ciega (Blindsight): Aportes fundamentales en la neurociencia y su proyección hasta nuestros días [Studies on Blindsight: Fundamental contributions on neuroscience and current developments]. Ajayu, 13(1), 39-53.
Lucero, B. y Muñoz-Quezada, M.T.(2015). Sistemas de interfaz neuronal y su desarrollo en las neurociencias: Revisión bibliográfica sistemática acerca de su aplicación en personas con parálisis [Neural interface systems and the study of neuroscience: A systematic review on its application in paralyzed people].Ciencias Psicológicas. Vol.8, 187-197.
Di Pace, E., & Saracini, C. (2014). Action imitation changes perceptual alternations in binocular rivalry. PloS one, 9(5), e98305.
Muñoz M.T. & Lucero B. (2014). Aspectos legales y bioéticos de intervenciones e investigaciones en personas con discapacidad intelectual en Chile [Legal and bioethical issues of interventions and research in persons with intellectual disability in Chile]. Acta Bioethica, 20(1), 61-70.
Muñoz-Quezada MT, Lucero B, Barr D, Steenland K, Levy K, Ryan B, Iglesias V, Alvarado S, Concha C, Rojas E, Vega C.(2013). Neurodevelopmental effects in children associated with exposure to organophosphate pesticides: A systematic review. Neurotoxicology, 39, 158-168.
Muñoz MT, Iglesias V, Lucero B. (2011). Exposición a organofosforados y desempeño cognitivo en escolares rurales chilenos: un estudio exploratorio [Exposure to organophosphate and cognitive performance in chilean rural school children: an exploratory study]. Revista Facultad Nacional de Salud Pública, 29(3), 258-263.
Muñoz, M. T., Lucero, B., & Gonzalez, C. (2010). Efectos de los gestos icónicos en la memoria de trabajo de estudiantes con discapacidad intelectual leve [Effects of iconic gestures on the working memory of students with mild intellectual disability]. Infancia y aprendizaje, Vol. 33(4), pp. 461-474.
Muñoz, M. T., González, C., & Lucero, B. (2009). Influencia del lenguaje no verbal (gestos) en la memoria y el aprendizaje de estudiantes con trastornos del desarrollo y discapacidad intelectual: Una revisión [The influence of non-verbal language (gestures) on memory and learning of students with developmental disorder and intellectual disability: A review]. Revista signos, 42(69), 29-49.
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